Therapy in the Age of Neuroscience: A Guide for Counsellors and Therapists is an essential guide to key areas of neuroscience that inform the theory underlying psychotherapy, and how they can be applied to practice. Laying out the science clearly and accessibly, it outlines what therapists need to know about the human nervous system in order to be able to engage with the subject. 

Chapters cover the neuroscience underlying key aspects of therapy such as relationships, emotion, anxiety, trauma and dissociation, the mind-body connection, and the processes which enable therapists to engage deeper aspects of mind and psyche. This book responds to the need for counsellors and therapists to have an accessible and comprehensive guide to how contemporary neuroscience views mind and body.

Therapy in the Age of Neuroscience will appeal to psychotherapists, counsellors and other mental health professionals who wish to learn more about how to integrate neuroscience into their work.

chapter |4 pages


chapter 1|7 pages

Therapy meets neuroscience

chapter 2|27 pages

The brain is a nervous system

chapter 3|23 pages

One brain, two minds

chapter 4|28 pages

Relationships and social engagement

chapter 5|29 pages

Emotions, feelings and the felt sense

chapter 6|25 pages

Stress, anxiety and depression

chapter 7|23 pages

Trauma and dissociation

chapter 8|19 pages

Mental health matters

chapter 9|26 pages

The mind-body connection

chapter 10|25 pages

Engaging the mind

chapter 11|13 pages

Meaningful experiences

chapter |5 pages