Maintaining that it is impossible to understand the work of a philosopher without understanding the previous history of thought and the contemporaneous developments, this book, originally published in 1932, is an in-depth study of Descartes’ philosophy with a strong emphasis on the historical approach. It covers Descartes’ early life and education, before continuing to discuss his method of doubt, the existence of God, the scientific interpretation of nature, the unity of knowledge, the attributes of God and free-will.

chapter I|29 pages

The Heritage of Descartes

chapter II|44 pages

The Mission of Descartes

chapter III|30 pages

Cogito, Ergo Sum

chapter IV|45 pages

The Existence of God

chapter V|37 pages

The Nature of Scientific Knowledge

chapter VI|29 pages

The Objects of Scientific Knowledge

chapter VII|26 pages

The Problem of Perception

chapter VIII|52 pages

The Attributes of God

chapter IX|36 pages

The Vindication of Human Knowledge

chapter X|40 pages

Free-Will and the Moral Life