Business Negotiations in China provides a holistic overview of the institutional, organisational and cultural issues that underpin successful business negotiations in China.

Good negotiation strategies and management are essential for establishing successful business deals and new ventures in China. The author addresses the current key issues and risks, high level business management, planning, innovative approaches and modern negotiation strategies. The text opens with a review of the evolution of key negotiation models that have been use in China right up to the most current. This is followed by an analysis of the various negotiation frameworks and processes being undertaken in China; their similarities and differences with other global negotiation processes. Alongside the negotiation itself, the author provides advice on: selection of the negotiation team and the various strategic roles within it; the detailed preparations and analysis required prior to starting negotiations in China; effective management strategies for each of the various stages of negotiation to achieve successful, sustainable outcomes.

Business Negotiations in China is supported by examples and analysis drawn from actual high level business negotiations by leading international companies with China State Owned Enterprises. It also explores the fierce competition between multinationals and China state-owned companies and their respective different negotiation strategies. This book is an important, indispensable insider’s guide to the strategy and practice of negotiating in China and is relevant to professionals, academics, researchers and students alike.

part |59 pages

The context of negotiations in China

chapter |22 pages

Chinese negotiation models

chapter |15 pages

Chinese business negotiation processes

chapter |21 pages

Chinese business negotiation culture

part |40 pages

Negotiation team selection and preparation

part |58 pages

The negotiation cycle and stages

chapter |15 pages

Chinese business negotiation

The opening stage

chapter |23 pages

Chinese business negotiation

The final stages

part |29 pages

Chinese joint venture negotiations and establishment