Why do so many people love gardening? What does your garden say about you? What is guerrilla gardening?

The Psychology of Gardening delves into the huge benefits that gardening can have on our health and emotional well-being, and how this could impact on the entire public health of a country. It also explores what our gardens can tell us about our personalities, how we can link gardening to mindfulness and restoration, and what motivates someone to become a professional gardener.

With gardening being an ever popular pastime, The Psychology of Gardening provides a fascinating insight into our relationships with our gardens.

chapter 1|16 pages

Stepping into the garden

The gardening context

chapter 2|18 pages

‘It’s my little bit of paradise’

What your garden says about you

chapter 3|17 pages

‘Time stands still’

Restoration, flow and mindfulness

chapter 4|18 pages

‘In touch with nature’

The human–nature relationship

chapter 5|16 pages

‘It keeps me sane’

Gardening as therapy

chapter 6|16 pages

Taking up or taking over?

Reflections on gardening as an occupation