Museum Store: The Manager's Guide is a practical guide for any store manager who needs guidance about visual merchandising, measuring performance, managing volunteers and much more. This eight-chapter volume includes a wealth of advice on best practices compiled by the national professional organization of museum stores. It includes a myriad of supportive worksheets to help the novice manager. It provides guidance from experienced store managers to assist the novice in evaluating a store’s performance. The 4th edition includes updated information on social media and mobile shopping. A new chapter to this valuable resource highlights the legal implications of the business of nonprofit retail including copyright, unrelated business income tax, and staff relations. A great resource for every back office!

chapter |4 pages


part |1 pages

Educational Resource

chapter |3 pages

Mission Statement

chapter |3 pages

POS Features/Benefits

chapter |6 pages


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Open-To-Buy Plan

chapter |30 pages


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chapter |20 pages

Multiple Customers

chapter |15 pages

Web Developers