This book contains reviews from leading scientists and clinicians drawing together the latest developments in the ten key topics covering the major areas of eating disorders including bulimia, body image, socio-cultural issues and anorexia. This volume compliments "Annual Review of Eating Disorders Part 1". Together, the two books cover the twenty main topics identified by the Academy of Eating Disorders as providing essential knowledge in the field. It is ideal for busy clinicians, with a clear emphasis on clinical implications and is supported by the American Academy for Eating Disorders. Clinicians and health researchers involved in the area of eating disorders will find this review invaluable, as will professional organisations for psychologists, psychiatrists, dieticians, general practitioners, paediatricians, counsellors and educators.

 Psychobiology of eating disorders; Genetics of eating disorders; Socio-cultural issues and eating disorders; Epidemiology of eating disorders; Body image; Personality and eating disorders; Review of brain imaging in anorexia and bulimia nervosa; Eating disorders in children and adolescents; Treating of bulimia nervosa; Treatment of anorexia nervosa