This book provides the best information available on the ways priorities are currently set for health care around the world. It describes the methods now used in the six countries leading the process, and contrasts the differences between them. It shows how, except in the UK, frameworks have now been developed to set priorities. Making Choices for Health Care sets forth the key issues that need to be tackled in the years ahead. Descriptions of the leading trends are accompanied by suggestions to resolve outstanding difficulties. Topics include: the need for national research and development funding for new treatments, ways to shift resources permanently towards prevention and chronic care, and how DALYs may replace QALYs. While the concepts and values underlying priority setting have been discussed elsewhere, Making Choices for Health Care highlights real current practice. It is a vital tool for policy-makers, health care managers, clinicians, patient organizations, academics, and executives in pharmaceutical and medical supply industries.

chapter 101|5 pages


part 1|50 pages

Ethics, communication and palliative care

chapter 1|6 pages

What is palliative care?

chapter 2|9 pages

‘I want to hold your hand’

chapter 3|10 pages

A ‘good death’

chapter 4|12 pages

Why ethics?

chapter 5|12 pages

‘Why won’t you listen to me?’

part 3|34 pages

Good practice

chapter 12|8 pages

The patient’s choice

chapter 13|9 pages

Communication in multi-disciplinary teams

chapter 14|8 pages

Education, ethics and communication skills