Modern Irish: A Comprehensive Grammar is a complete reference guide to modern Irish grammar, providing a thorough overview of the language.

Key features include:

  • highly systematic coverage of all levels of structure: sound system, word formation, sentence construction and connection of sentences

  • authentic examples and English translations which provide an accessible insight into the mechanics of the language
  • an extensive index, numbered sections, cross-references and summary charts which provide readers with easy access to the information.

Modern Irish: A Comprehensive Grammar is an essential reference source for the learner and user of Irish. It is ideal for use in schools, colleges, universities, and adult classes of all types.

part |2 pages


chapter Chapter 1|5 pages

Dialects of Irish

chapter Chapter 2|13 pages

Sounds and spellings

chapter Chapter 3|6 pages

Initial mutations

chapter Chapter 4|6 pages


part Grammar I|2 pages

Sentence basics

chapter Chapter 5|5 pages

Basic word order

chapter Chapter 6|10 pages

Non-declarative sentences

chapter Chapter 7|17 pages

Being and having

chapter Chapter 8|6 pages

Focus and emphasis with cleft sentences

part Grammar II|2 pages

Building blocks – major constituents

chapter Chapter 9|8 pages

Verbs and verb phrases

chapter Chapter 10|14 pages

Irregular verbs

chapter Chapter 11|8 pages

Personal endings

chapter Chapter 12|10 pages

Impersonal forms

chapter Chapter 13|7 pages

Verbal nouns and adjectives

chapter Chapter 14|9 pages

The syntax of verbal nouns and adjectives

Expressions of aspect

chapter Chapter 15|6 pages


chapter Chapter 16|20 pages

Nouns and noun phrases

chapter Chapter 17|12 pages


part Grammar III|2 pages

Building the phrase

chapter Chapter 18|11 pages


chapter Chapter 19|11 pages


chapter Chapter 20|9 pages


chapter Chapter 21|13 pages


chapter Chapter 22|10 pages


part Grammar IV|2 pages

Complex sentences

chapter Chapter 23|14 pages

Coordinate, complement, and adjunct clauses

chapter Chapter 24|17 pages

Relative clauses

chapter Chapter 25|9 pages


part |2 pages

Concluding chapters

chapter Chapter 26|9 pages


chapter Chapter 27|18 pages

Formulaic phrases and discourse markers