Based on four decades of experience and research, Navigating Strategic Decisions: The Power of Sound Analysis and Forecasting explains how to improve the decision-making process in your organization through the use of better long-term forecasts and decision support. Filled with time-tested methodologies and models, it provides you with the tools to establish the organization, processes, methods, and techniques required for analyzing and forecasting strategic decisions.

Describing how to foster the conditions required for forecasts to materialize, this book will help you rank project valuations and select higher value creation projects. It also teaches you how to:

  • Assess the commercial feasibility of large projects
  • Apply sanity checks to forecasts and assess their resource implications
  • Benchmark best-in-class strategic forecasting organizations, processes, and practices
  • Identify project risks and manage project uncertainty
  • Analyze forecasting models and scenarios to determine controllable levers
  • Pinpoint factors needed to ensure that forecasted future states materialize as expected

This book provides you with the benefit of the author’s decades of hands-on experience. In this book, John Triantis shares valuable insights on strategic planning, new product development, portfolio management, and business development groups. Describing how to provide world-class support to your corporate, market, and other planning functions, the book provides you with the tools to consistently make improved decisions that are based on hard data, balanced evaluations, well considered scenarios, and sound forecasts.

chapter 1|10 pages

- Introduction

chapter 2|10 pages

- Strategic Decision Forecasting

chapter 4|22 pages

- SDF Organization Business Definition

chapter 6|20 pages

SDF Analytical Techniques and Tools

chapter 8|18 pages

Corporate Policy and Strategy Evaluation

chapter 9|22 pages

- New Product Development

chapter 10|14 pages

- New Market or Business Entry

chapter 11|26 pages

- M&A and Joint Venture Projects

chapter 12|22 pages

- Product and Technology Licensing

chapter 13|20 pages

- Corporate Reorganizations and Turnarounds

chapter 14|18 pages

- Uncertainty and Risk Management

chapter 15|16 pages

Major Capex and Project Financing

chapter 16|22 pages

- Product Portfolio Management

chapter 18|12 pages

- Future-State Realization Planning

chapter 20|26 pages

- Best-in-Class Strategic Forecasting Teams

chapter 21|18 pages

- SDF Organization Implementation Challenges

chapter 22|10 pages

- Summary and Conclusions