This unique survey of the evolution of the modern Chinese national character incorporates a rich blend of history and theory as well as nation, gender, and film studies. It begins with the dawn of the concept of "nation" in China at the end of the Imperial period, and follows its development from early Republican China to the present People's Republic, drawing on themes of national identity, "Orientalness," racial evolution and purity, cultural and gender roles, regional animosities, historical impediments, and more. The book also takes up the changing American perceptions of Chinese personality development and gender, using materials from American popular culture.

chapter 1|33 pages

The Birth of a "Nation"

chapter 2|44 pages

National Psychology

chapter 3|37 pages

Orientalness and Degeneration

chapter 4|28 pages

Superman and Undennan

chapter 5|47 pages

North and South

chapter 6|44 pages

"The Rock from a Distant Hill"