Offering an interdisciplinary qualitative approach, this book examines and evaluates the role and benefits of a Learning Community (LC), a high-impact practice for student retention in higher education. Grounded in in-depth case studies and first-person student experiences, the authors studied four student cohorts (sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate students) who participated in a full immersion LC experience at an urban public four-year college in New York. Focusing on the maturity students develop as they progress toward their degrees, the authors evaluate the impact of the learning community on the students’ experiences, perceptions, successes and obstacles. A powerful demonstration of the effects of connection and comradery on learning, this account explores how the LC helps the decision-making of those in higher education administration regarding high impact student interventions.

part 1|34 pages

The General and Particular Genesis of Our Learning Community Experience

chapter 1|10 pages

The First Step

The Overview of the LC Construct

chapter 2|11 pages

The Second Step

Institutional History or How We Do It Here

chapter 3|6 pages

The Third Step

This Is What We Do

chapter 4|5 pages


part 2|13 pages

“I’ve Got This!”

chapter 5|2 pages

“Is That All There Is?”

Introduction to the Sophomore Cohort

chapter 6|5 pages


chapter 7|4 pages


part 3|14 pages

“I Am Just So Busy!”

chapter 8|2 pages

Introduction to the Junior Cohort

chapter 9|5 pages


chapter 10|5 pages


part 4|18 pages

“It Went So Fast!”

chapter 11|2 pages

Introduction to the Senior Cohort

chapter 12|10 pages


chapter 13|4 pages


part 5|15 pages

“All Grown Up!”

chapter 14|2 pages

Introduction to the Graduate Cohort

chapter 15|5 pages


chapter 16|6 pages


part 6|23 pages

Discussion and Conclusion

chapter 17|14 pages

Results and Theme Analysis

chapter 18|7 pages


What Does It All Mean?