This book, first published in 1954 with this revised edition published in 1972, was recognised as the standard work on Indo-Pakistani geography. Part 1 focuses on climate and soils; Part 2 provides a synopsis of the social complexities of the sub-continent; Part 3 examines planning and development; Part 4 is devoted to detailed regional description, both urban and rural.

part I|118 pages

The Land

chapter |11 pages


India as a Unit of Geographical Study

chapter I|32 pages

Structure and Relief

chapter 2|27 pages


chapter 3|46 pages

Vegetation and Soils

part II|104 pages

The People

chapter 4|29 pages

Population and its Problems

chapter 5|23 pages

The Peoples of the Sub-continent

chapter 6|25 pages

Historical Outlines

chapter 7|25 pages

Village and Town in India

part III|182 pages

The Economy

chapter 8|58 pages

Agriculture and Agrarian Problems

chapter 10|26 pages

The Evolution of Industry

chapter 11|34 pages

India in the Planning Era

chapter 12|40 pages

Economic Development in Pakistan

part IV|420 pages

The Face of the Land

chapter 13|17 pages

The Regions of the Sub-continent

chapter 14|27 pages

The Himalayas: Kashmir and Karakoram

chapter 15|29 pages

The Himalayas: Central and Eastern

chapter 16|24 pages

The Western Borderlands

chapter 17|30 pages

The Indus Plains

chapter 18|37 pages

The Gangetic Plains

chapter 19|29 pages

The Bengal Delta

chapter 20|11 pages

The Eastern Borderlands: Assam and NEFA

chapter 21|31 pages

The Aravallis and Central India

chapter 22|41 pages

The Western Littoral

chapter 23|45 pages

The Deccan

chapter 24|11 pages

The Eastern Littoral: Orissa and Andhra Desa

chapter 25|47 pages

The Eastern Littoral: Tamilnad

chapter 26|39 pages