This fully revised and updated second edition of Consumer Protection Law introduces the reader to the substantive law of consumer protection in the United Kingdom, the emphasis being on the place of United Kingdom law within an evolving European legal system and also on the need to draw upon comparative experience. The book not only seeks to place consumer protection in its purely black-letter context but also draws upon wider readings to show that consumer protection law is a complex area of law which reflects and shapes the individual citizen's position within the modern economy.

chapter 1|98 pages

The Map of Consumer Protection Law

chapter |46 pages

European Union Consumer Policy

chapter 3|67 pages

The Quality of Goods and Services

chapter 4|48 pages

Product and Service Liability

chapter 5|34 pages

Unfair Terms

chapter 6|64 pages

Consumer Credit: Private Law

chapter 8|41 pages

Trade and Unfair Commercial Practices

chapter 9|16 pages

Public Regulation of Consumer Credit

chapter 10|36 pages

Consumer Safety

chapter 11|27 pages

The Regulatory Offence

chapter 12|56 pages

Competition Policy and the Consumer Interest

chapter 14|59 pages

Access to Justice