Companies know that communication with their people is vital if the energies and the efforts of their employees are to point in the same direction. Making the Connections shows how to use internal communication to turn strategy into action. Bill Quirke demonstrates practically how businesses can use internal communication to achieve differentiation, to improve their quality, customer service, and innovation, and to manage change more effectively. He describes the why, the what and the how of internal communication - why business needs better communication to achieve its objectives, what internal communication needs to deliver to add value, and how organizations need to manage their communication for best results. This new edition contains a wealth of new material, with pragmatic advice and new case studies. Four new chapters cover how to develop internal communication strategy, global communication, engaging employees, and helping leaders communicate more effectively. Making the Connections is based on the extensive international experience of one of the most knowledgeable and leading authorities on internal communication. This thoroughly revised new edition explores the impact of new technology, regulation, globalization and the changing relationship between employer and employees on the process of internal communication.

Part 1: Turning Communication to Advantage: Getting more value from internal communication

1. Turning strategy into action

2. Going global and restructuring

Part 2: Leading Change: Leading engagement

3. Making change happen

4. Engaging employees face to face

5. Communicating initiatives and projects

Part 3: Pulling It Together: Planning and managing communication

6. Repositioning the role of the internal communication function

7. Measuring impact