The middle-aged women described within the chapters of "Common Threads" are ordinary yet extraordinary. They have faced one of life's greatest challenges, working day-in and day-out to design new lives for themselves. As readers witness the resilience of the human spirit, they come to a new perspective on their own experiences, recognizing the good still in their lives. "Common Threads" is a tender and warm embrace, a story of faith and love, of insight, determination, independence and strength. These women's large and small victories are metaphors for hope and continuity.

chapter |4 pages


chapter 1|16 pages

Hawaii, 1999

chapter 2|6 pages

A Gift of Apricots

chapter 3|3 pages

Twenty-One Days

chapter 4|7 pages

Visitors and Voices

chapter 5|7 pages

Adam’s Chair

chapter 6|7 pages

A Week of Torment

chapter 7|9 pages

A Pair of Gloves

chapter 8|5 pages

Dinner for Ten

chapter 9|5 pages

The Hatchmatcher and the Rainbow

chapter 10|3 pages

The Black Stone

chapter 11|8 pages

The Uprazer

chapter 12|9 pages

Paulette’s Visit

chapter 13|11 pages

To Catch the Fog

chapter 14|2 pages

A Letter to My Husband

chapter 15|6 pages

Of Mice and (Wo)men

chapter 16|7 pages

A Wedding in Jerusalem

chapter 17|7 pages

In the Winepress

chapter 18|6 pages

Emit the Bear

chapter 19|7 pages

One More Good-Bye

chapter 20|12 pages

“Every Day is a Challenge”

chapter 21|13 pages

Common Threads