This classic study of German creditbanks was first published in 1930 and even now deserves its place as a fundamental text on banking in Germany. It is a valuable comparative study of one important type of financial institution and represents a detailed survey of Joint Stock Banking in Germany in the pre-war, war and post-war periods upt o 1928.


chapter |6 pages


part I|176 pages

The Creditbanks Before the War

chapter I|27 pages

The Development of the Creditbanks

chapter II|30 pages

The Creditbanks and Industry

chapter III|40 pages

The Banks and Foreign Trade

chapter IV|37 pages

The Creditbanks and the Money Market

chapter V|40 pages

The Business of the Creditbanks as a Whole

part II|148 pages

The Creditbanks Since 1914

chapter VI|26 pages

The Creditbanks During the War

chapter VII|39 pages

The Period of Inflation, 1918–1923

chapter VIII|73 pages

The Creditbanks Since Stabilization

chapter IX|8 pages