Sport Cyberpsychology is the first book devoted to assessing the influence of technology on human interaction, behaviour and mental health in a sport context, gathering research on the use of technology and the Internet by athletes, coaches and sport science support staff. 

The book identifies the potential impact of technology on athletes' mental preparation for competition, as well as the role of technology in improving performance. It explores the use of technology by athletes and sport organisations for social interaction, while also considering the 'darker' side of athletes’ Internet use.

It covers topics including:

  • the role of GPS, gaming and virtual reality in training and injury recovery
  • the use of social media by athletes and sport organisations
  • the psychology of self-presentation and brand management, as well as issues of online privacy
  • the use of technology by other elite groups, such as military and medical personnel, and non-elite sportspeople
  • cyberbullying and online harassment of athletes
  • online gambling and athletes' mental health in relation to their online activities
  • virtual learning environments and the educational opportunities the online world can offer athletes

Accessibly written, with a companion website featuring lecture slides, reading lists, video links and suggested social media accounts, Sport Cyberpsychology offers a complete resource for students and instructors alike. It is important reading for any students of sport psychology, sport coaching or sport media, as well as coaches, athletes and sport science support staff.

part I|42 pages

Introducing sport cyberpsychology

part II|59 pages

Exploring the use of technology to prepare athletes for their sport

chapter 3|18 pages

Athletic Performance

The impact of technology on the mental preparation of elite athletes

chapter 4|20 pages

Athletic Performance

The role of virtual reality

part III|53 pages

Sport personnel in the online world

chapter 6|20 pages

Athletes and the Internet

chapter 7|19 pages

Athletes and Social Media

part IV|39 pages

The dark side of sport cyberpsychology