This book, first published in 1965, illustrates the world of management in the airline industry. It examines the external relations with customers, government, investors, suppliers and competitors, as well as internal relations within the business such as organization and industrial relations.

Part 1. External Relations of Management  1. Relations with Customers  2. Relations with State  3. Relations with Investors, Suppliers, General Public and Competitors  4. Organisation and External Relations  Part 2. Internal Relations of Management  5. Elements of Airline Organisation  6. Theory of Organisation  7. Costs and Savings of Organisation  8. Principles of Subordination  9. Overall and Component Organisations, and Their Groups in Airlines  10. The Human Element in Airline Organisation  11. Industrial Relations  12. The Nature and Task of General Management  13. Finance Management  14. Purchasing Management  15. Production Management  16. Marketing Management  17. Personnel Management  18. The Management of Research and Development  Part 3. The Individual Manager  19. The Individual Manager