Peirce’s Speculative Grammar: Logic as Semiotics offers a comprehensive, philologically accurate, and exegetically ambitious developmental account of Peirce’s theory of speculative grammar. The book traces the evolution of Peirce’s grammatical writings from his early research on the classification of arguments in the 1860s up to the complex semiotic taxonomies elaborated in the first decade of the twentieth century. It will be of interest to academic specialists working on Peirce, the history of American philosophy and pragmatism, the philosophy of language, the history of logic, and semiotics.

chapter |14 pages


chapter 1|63 pages

Logic as Objective Symbolistic

chapter 2|20 pages

The Logic of 1873

chapter 3|28 pages

The Johns Hopkins Years

chapter 4|21 pages

How to Reason

chapter 6|32 pages

The Minute Logic

chapter 7|69 pages

The Syllabus

chapter 8|68 pages

Grammatica speculativa 1904–1908

chapter 9|11 pages

Confines of Semiotics