First published in 1983, this volume assembles recent theory on school organization, drawing on a wide range of research, mainly on schools in contemporary Britain but with some illuminating historical and overseas comparisons. It examines elements of organization both within and outside the school, and shows how they vary with the age, sex, ethnicity and social class of pupils, as well as school size and efficiency. It argues how, with understanding, organizational patterns may be changed to respond to new objectives and how they may become more effective and responsive to human needs in schools and classrooms.

chapter 1|24 pages

Approaches to school organization

chapter 2|20 pages

Bernstein’s sociology of the school

chapter 4|26 pages

Power, ideology and school organization

chapter 5|20 pages

The organization of pupil behaviour

chapter 6|31 pages

The organization of teaching and learning

chapter 7|21 pages

Organizational change and efficiency