This account of the Russian Civil War, originally published in 1971, combines a vivid narrative of the military events with a biographical discussion of the White Generals, figures of the former Imperial Russian Army offices who led the separate campaigns against the Red Soviets - men such as Kornilov, Alekseev, Kolchak, Denikin, Wrangel, Yudenich and the Finnish Yudeniol Marshal Mannerheim. Despite their shared designation, the White Generals had no common programme. Their tragedy was that Lenin's dogmatism, intransigence and ruthlessness, all essential qualities in a country which had never known anything other than autocracy, were alien to their characters.

part |102 pages


chapter I|16 pages

The Imperial Russian Army before 1917

chapter II|19 pages

The Abdication

chapter III|23 pages

The Army and the Provisional Government

chapter IV|26 pages

The Kornilov Movement

chapter V|16 pages

Headquarters to the Don

part |126 pages


chapter VI|20 pages

The Campaign through the Ice

chapter VII|29 pages

General Mannerheim and the Finnish Victory

chapter VIII|20 pages

Cossacks, Germans, Czechs and Allies

chapter IX|22 pages

Denikin and the Conquest of the Kuban

chapter X|13 pages

Northern Diversion

chapter XI|20 pages

Supreme Ruler of All the Russias

part |112 pages


chapter XII|16 pages

View from the Centre

chapter XIII|24 pages


chapter XIV|36 pages


chapter XV|34 pages

Autumn and Winter

part |44 pages


chapter XVI|12 pages


chapter XVII|9 pages

Wrangel and the Crimean Bastion

chapter XVIII|21 pages

The Last Stand