This book, first published in 1932, provides a survey of the subject of railway economics as a whole, including the theory and practice of railway charging; State regulation and ownership; railway amalgamation; railway capital; railway organization and labour problems. In addition a critical examination is made of the economic questions involved in electrification, train speeds, railway-owned road transport and other problems.

chapter I|13 pages

Railway Economics: Introduction

chapter II|22 pages

The Regulation of Railways By the State

chapter III|13 pages

The Internal Organization of A Railway

chapter IV|16 pages

Railway Capital and Expenditure

chapter V|15 pages

Railway Labour

chapter VI|7 pages

Railway Amalgamation and Combination

chapter VII|6 pages

The Railway Clearing House

chapter VIII|8 pages

The Development of Rates and Fares

chapter IX|17 pages

The Railways Act 1921

chapter X|11 pages

Theory of Railway Charges

chapter XI|17 pages

Railway Rates in Practice

chapter XIII|14 pages

Economics of Railway Working

chapter XIV|16 pages

Economics of Railway Electrification

chapter XVI|10 pages

State Ownership of Railways