The problem of determinism arises in all the major areas of philosophy. The first part of this book, first published in 1991, is a critical and historical exposition of the problem and the most important ideas and arguments which have arisen over the many years of debate. The second part considers the various forms of determinism and the implications that they engender.

part One|252 pages

The History of the Problem

chapter I|241 pages


chapter II|228 pages

Determinism in Antiquity

chapter III|211 pages

God Through the Ages

chapter IV|199 pages

The Rise of Science

chapter V|187 pages

The Grand Metaphysicians

chapter VI|171 pages

The Soft Determinists

chapter VII|159 pages

The Hard Determinists

chapter VIII|147 pages

More Science

chapter IX|9 pages

Action Theory

chapter XI|111 pages

Other Contemporary Analyses

part Two|72 pages

Determinism – So What?

chapter XII|4 pages

Logical Determinism

chapter XIII|77 pages

Theological Determinism

chapter XIV|6 pages

Psychological Determinism

chapter XV|66 pages

Physical Determinism

chapter XVI|15 pages

Physical Implications of Determinism

chapter XVII|36 pages

Moral Implications of Determinism

chapter XVIII|7 pages

Cultural Implications of Determinism