This title was first published in 2000:  This work is aimed at international managers or business students who are interested in emerging markets, particularly China. It provides conceptual backgrounds, analytical frameworks, managerial insights, business guidance, and practical evidence concerning partner selection for both foreign and Chinese investors. It addresses how foreign companies should select ideal Chinese firms as well as what Chinese firms are looking for from foreign investors. The book is divided into three parts. The first part presents an overview of multinational enterprises (MNEs) in China and outlines the economic environment facing these firms. The second part delineates how to select appropriate partner firms from both foreign and Chinese parents perspectives. The third part includes ten case studies showing how leading MNEs in the world adopt entry and co-operative strategies (including partner selection) that align properly with internal capabilities, external environment, and organizational needs. Based on a variety of archival and Internet sources, these case studies are prepared by the author for discussion purposes.

part I|42 pages

Partnering with Chinese Firms: Overview

part II|79 pages

Partnering with Chinese Firms: Foreign vs. Chinese Perspective

part III|221 pages

MNEs in China: Case Studies

chapter |1 pages

Introduction to Case Studies

chapter Case Study 1|21 pages

Atlantic Richfield

chapter Case Study 2|21 pages

Intel's Entrance into China

chapter Case Study 3|24 pages


chapter Case Study 4|22 pages


chapter Case Study 5|19 pages


chapter Case Study 6|21 pages


chapter Case Study 7|21 pages


chapter Case Study 8|16 pages


chapter Case Study 9|33 pages


chapter Case Study 10|13 pages