This title was first published in 1980. For years to come, the "Taiwan question’ ’ is likely to raise exceedingly difficult—and potentially divisive—political and moral issues for the people of the United States, the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and the Republic of China (ROC). Recent developments in both the PRC and the ROC, however, provide some hope that a peaceful resolution of this problem can be found. Both sides seem willing to at least think quietly about a range of realistic future possibilities for Taiwan. This study is a collection of views gathered from a group of Chinese-Americans with special knowledge of about the Taiwan question.

chapter II|12 pages

The PRC and Reunification

chapter III|12 pages

The ROC and Reunification

chapter IV|18 pages

The Taiwan Independence Movement

chapter V|12 pages

Change on Taiwan, Internal and External

chapter VI|14 pages

PRC and ROC: Dealing with Each Other

chapter VII|10 pages

Reducing Tensions