Teaching Primary English is a comprehensive, evidence-informed introduction designed to support and inspire teaching and learning in the primary school. Written in a clear and accessible way, it draws on the very latest research and theory to describe and exemplify a full and rich English curriculum. It offers those on teacher training courses, as well as qualified teachers who are looking to develop their practice, subject knowledge and guidance for effective, enjoyable classroom practice.

Advice and ideas are supported by explicit examples of good teaching linked to video clips filmed in real schools, reflective activities, observational tasks and online resources. Each chapter includes suggestions for great children’s literature, considers assessment throughout and offers support planning for diversity and special educational needs. Key topics covered include:

  • spoken language for teaching and learning
  • storytelling, drama and role play
  • reading for pleasure
  • early reading, including phonics
  • poetry
  • writing composition
  • spelling and handwriting
  • grammar and punctuation
  • responding to and assessing writing
  • multimodal, multimedia and digital texts.

With a focus on connecting all modes of English, the global and the local, and home and school experience, this detailed, uplifting book will support you in developing a curious, critical approach to teaching and learning English.

Additional content can be found on the fantastic supporting website. Features include:

  • video clips from within the classroom to demonstrate English teaching techniques
  • audio resources, including an interactive quiz, to check understanding and provide real-life examples and case studies
  • downloadable resources to support teaching and incorporate into lesson plans.

chapter |10 pages


part 1|96 pages

Spoken Language

chapter |6 pages

Introduction to Part One

chapter Chapter 1|24 pages

Developing Talk

chapter Chapter 2|19 pages

Spoken Language for Teaching and Learning

chapter Chapter 3|21 pages

Storytelling, Drama and Role Play

chapter Chapter 4|24 pages

Planning for, Developing and Assessing Spoken Language

part 2|166 pages


chapter |6 pages

Introduction to Part Two

chapter Chapter 5|29 pages

Perspectives on Reading

chapter Chapter 6|24 pages

Reading for Pleasure

chapter Chapter 7|23 pages

Early Reading including Phonics

chapter Chapter 8|25 pages


chapter Chapter 9|32 pages

Describing and Assessing Progress in Reading

chapter Chapter 10|25 pages


part 3|141 pages


chapter |5 pages

Introduction to Part Three

chapter Chapter 11|21 pages

What Writing Involves

chapter Chapter 12|26 pages

Writing Composition

chapter Chapter 13|21 pages

Spelling and Handwriting

chapter Chapter 14|17 pages

Grammar and Punctuation

chapter Chapter 15|22 pages

Responding to and Assessing Writing

chapter Chapter 16|27 pages

Multimodal, Multimedia and Digital Texts