Talkabout Sex & Relationships 2 is a comprehensive toolkit for all therapists, educators and support staff who deliver sex education to people with special needs. It is intended primarily to support groupwork but activities can be easily adapted to suit the needs of individuals with varying abilities.

The resource emphasises the importance of being well informed in regards to the physical, interpersonal and emotional aspects of sex; including body awareness, consent, sexual health and guidelines for a healthy sexual relationship. It is packed with practical activities which are designed to open up discussion around sensitive issues in a fun, informative and non-judgemental way. Each activity comes with guidance for practitioners on how to prepare for and delivery the sessions.

Features include:

  • guidelines to assess the suitability of students for the programme
  • visually appealing and engaging activities with full colour illustrations
  • photocopiable activities which can also be downloaded for free on the accompanying website
  • template letters for parental permission in delivering the sessions

This toolkit is the second in a two volume set, the first of which focuses on relationships. Created by Alex Kelly and Emily Dennis as part of the bestselling Talkabout series, this publication constitutes the most complete and trustworthy set of resources available for groupwork focussing on sex and relationships for people with special needs.

chapter |2 pages

An overview of the book

chapter |2 pages

Abuse disclosure guidelines

chapter |1 pages

Measuring outcomes

chapter |8 pages


part 1|27 pages

Working Together

chapter 1|2 pages

How am I feeling?

chapter 2|1 pages

Pass it on

chapter 3|1 pages

The magic box

chapter 4|1 pages

Throw the face

chapter 5|1 pages

High fives

chapter 6|3 pages

Detail detective

chapter 7|2 pages

People around me

chapter 8|2 pages

Trust top three

chapter 9|2 pages

Trust is a-maze-ing

chapter 10|2 pages

Full of feelings

chapter 11|3 pages

Group rules

chapter 12|2 pages

Private folder

chapter 13|2 pages

Private group

part 2|65 pages

Body awareness

chapter 14|2 pages

It's a boy / girl thing

chapter 15|5 pages

Puzzle parts

chapter 16|5 pages

Body bits

chapter 17|5 pages

Body bingo

chapter 18|4 pages

Every-body's different

chapter 19|6 pages

Touch talk

chapter 20|2 pages

OK touch

chapter 21|2 pages

Caressing couples

chapter 22|1 pages

Healthy me!

chapter 23|4 pages

My routine

chapter 24|2 pages

How do they help?

chapter 25|4 pages

Lumps and bumps

chapter 26|6 pages

Valued visits

chapter 27|2 pages

Helpful health

chapter 28|2 pages

Life cycle

chapter 29|7 pages

Story of my life

chapter 30|3 pages

Champion of change

part 3|39 pages

Let's talk about sex

chapter 31|3 pages

Annabelle's attraction

chapter 32|3 pages

Friend or francy?

chapter 33|3 pages

Recognising relationships

chapter 34|3 pages

Terms of arousal

chapter 35|2 pages

Aroused anatomy

chapter 36|6 pages

What is sex?

chapter 37|4 pages

Sex terms

chapter 38|2 pages

The big O

chapter 39|5 pages

Masturbation musts

chapter 40|6 pages

Wet dreams

part 4|48 pages

Sex rules

chapter 41|3 pages

Consenting questions

chapter 42|4 pages

Comic of consent

chapter 43|2 pages

Ages around the world

chapter 44|2 pages

Am I ready?

chapter 45|6 pages

Public or Private?

chapter 46|4 pages

Where could I ...

chapter 47|6 pages

Peer pressure

chapter 48|3 pages

Internet Safety

chapter 49|2 pages

What is pornography?

chapter 50|3 pages

Pornography quiz

chapter 51|3 pages

What could I do?

chapter 52|5 pages

Warning signs

chapter 53|2 pages

Rules of relationships

part 5|25 pages

Sex aware

chapter 54|4 pages


chapter 55|2 pages

Pregnancy puns

chapter 56|3 pages

What is pregnancy?

chapter 57|4 pages

Charlie's choice

chapter 58|3 pages


chapter 59|2 pages

What is sexual health?

chapter 60|3 pages

Speaking up for sexual health

chapter |2 pages