Almost all troubled children thrive in storytelling. However experience has shown that children with Aspergers' or autistic tendencies neither enjoy nor benefit from storytelling, they need a different approach; also children in crisis are better helped in one to one counselling. The Adventure Tales Resource is a practical guide to providing a weekly therapeutic storytelling group for troubled children aged 7-12 years, through one school term. The Guide provides a succinct, step by step method of setting up, organizing and running a storytelling group. It facilitates the production of the finished story for the group. It offers ways of how to be therapeutically with the group. It includes practical administration support with photocopiable proforma such as letters to parents, evaluation sheets. This practical resource will help to: develop inter and intra relationships; enhance emotional literacy; resolve emotional issues; improve ability to think round own problems; improve tolerance of difference; increase trust in others; stimulate the imagination; increase self esteem; increase the ability to express views clearly and calmly; increase confidence in literacy skills, especially reading.

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chapter |4 pages

Getting started

chapter |4 pages

Session format

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Captain’s Log

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chapter 1|3 pages

Meeting the Atex

chapter 2|2 pages

The Bottle

chapter 3|2 pages

The Misty Hollow

chapter 4|2 pages

The Storm

chapter 5|2 pages

Crossing the River

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chapter 7|2 pages

The Cellar in the Ruins

chapter 8|2 pages

The Rescue

chapter 9|2 pages

Celebration Time!