This bestselling book is now updated with new material and more tried-and-tested ideas, bringing it up-to-date with contemporary drama. 150 ideas for drama in one practical manual makes this a veritable treasure trove which will inspire everyone to run drama sessions creatively, enjoyably and effectively. This book features advice on setting up a group, defining and negotiating aims and objectives, and how to ensure a successful session. It contains activities which encourage memory, interaction, concentration, feedback, and many other skills. It also includes games, warm-ups and starters, improvisation role-play, visual dynamics, and closures.

part 1|31 pages

The Scope & Possibilities of Creative Drama in Groupwork

chapter 2|3 pages

The Focus of Drama Work in Groups

chapter 3|5 pages

Before Setting up a Group

chapter 4|1 pages

Supervision and Training

chapter 5|2 pages

Some Words of Caution

chapter 6|6 pages

Planning and Preparation

chapter 7|2 pages


chapter 8|2 pages

Negotiating a Contract

chapter 9|2 pages

Opening a Session

chapter 10|3 pages

Developing a Session

chapter 11|1 pages

Closing a Session

part 2|139 pages

Practical Techniques

chapter 1|17 pages

Warm-ups and Starters

chapter 2|21 pages

Movement and Relaxation

chapter 3|21 pages

Play and Games

chapter 4|22 pages

Pictures and Images

chapter 5|21 pages

Drama and Role Play

chapter 6|15 pages

Stories and Documentaries

chapter 7|14 pages

Puppets and Masks

chapter 8|3 pages

Cool Downs and Closures