The Arab-Israeli conflict has been one of the most protracted and contentious disputes in modern history. This wide-ranging textbook examines the diplomatic and historical setting within which the conflict developed, from both the Israeli and Palestinian perspectives, and gives a comprehensive overview of the peace process. The new edition includes a fully revised and updated introduction and a wider selection of documents up to the first year of the Trump presidency.

Enabling students to easily access and study original documents through the supportive framework of a textbook, The Arab-Israeli Conflict:

  • presents over eighty of the most important and widely cited documents in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • presents these documents in an edited form to highlight key elements
  • includes an introductory chapter which sets the context for the study of the history of the area
  • covers a comprehensive historical period, ranging from the 19th Century to the present day
  • incorporates a wide range of pedagogical aids: original documents, maps and boxed sections.

This important textbook is an essential aid for courses on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Middle East peace process, and will be an invaluable reference tool for all students of political science, Middle East studies and history.

part I|22 pages


part II|15 pages

From Herzl (1896) to Recognition as a State (1949)

chapter 1|15 pages

Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State (1896)

chapter 4|4 pages

The Sykes-Picot Agreement (May 16, 1916)

chapter 8|9 pages

The Mandate for Palestine (July 24, 1922)

chapter 10|13 pages

The Palestine Royal Commission (Peel Commission)

Report (July 24, 1937)

chapter 11|3 pages

British Government

Policy Statement against Partition (November 11, 1938)

chapter 12|10 pages

British Government

The White Paper (May 17, 1939)

chapter 14|2 pages

The Biltmore Program

Towards a Jewish State (May 11, 1942)

part III|4 pages

From Recognition (1949) through the Start of a Peace Process (1978)

chapter 20|4 pages

U.N. General Assembly Resolution 303 (IV). Palestine

Question of an International Regime for the Jerusalem Area and the Protection of the Holy Places (December, 1949)

chapter 21|2 pages

State of Israel

Law of Return (July, 1950)

chapter 22|2 pages

U.N. Security Council

Resolution 95, Concerning… the Passage of Ships through the Suez Canal (September 1, 1951)

chapter 23|4 pages

Palestine National Authority

Palestine Liberation Organization Draft Constitution (December, 1963)

chapter 24|10 pages

Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban

Speech to the Security Council of the United Nations (June 6, 1967)

chapter 27|1 pages

U.N. Security Council

Resolution 242 (November 22, 1967)

chapter 28|5 pages

The Palestinian National Charter

Resolutions of the Palestine National Council (July 1–17, 1968)

chapter 29|1 pages

The Seven Points of Fatah (January, 1969)

chapter 30|1 pages

U.N. Security Council

Resolution 338 (October 22, 1973)

chapter 31|2 pages

Palestine National Council

Resolutions at the 12th Session of the Palestine National Council (June, 1974)

part IV|12 pages

From Israeli-Egyptian Peace (1979) to Israeli-Jordanian Peace (1994)

chapter 38|1 pages

Basic Law

Jerusalem, Capital of Israel (July, 1980)

chapter 39|1 pages

Saudi Crown Prince Fahd ibn Abd al-Aziz

The Fahd Plan (August 7, 1981)

chapter 40|1 pages

Golan Heights Law (December 14, 1981)

chapter 41|5 pages

Prime Minister Menachem Begin

The Wars of No Alternative and Operation Peace for the Galilee (August 8, 1982)

chapter 43|4 pages

Palestine National Council

Declaration of Independence (November 15, 1988)

chapter 44|4 pages

Israel’s Peace Initiative (May 14, 1989)

chapter 47|2 pages

Israel-PLO Recognition

Exchange of Letters between PM Rabin and Chairman Arafat (September 9, 1993)

chapter 51|3 pages

The Washington Declaration (July 25, 1994)

part V|10 pages

From Interim Agreements (1995) to the Present Time

chapter 54|2 pages

“What is Area C?”

chapter 63|3 pages

Taba Summit (January 21–27, 2001)

chapter 65|2 pages

The Arab Peace Initiative (March 28, 2002)

chapter 70|3 pages

U.N. Security Council

Resolution 1701 (August 11, 2006)

chapter 77|8 pages

The 2014 Gaza Conflict Factual and Legal Aspects

Executive Summary (May, 2015)

chapter 78|3 pages

Israeli Foreign Ministry

The Nuclear Deal with Iran: Questions and Answers (July 27, 2015)

chapter |7 pages