Effective drug education is key to steering young people away from drug use, whether in a group setting or one to one. This workbook provides a fun way to learn about drugs with a teacher or youth worker, parent or carer. The approaches include: information giving; life skills education; and mixed approaches. Packed with important information, strategies and facts, the following subjects are included: what is a drug; drug word game; drug names and nicknames; using drugs - for and against; the effects of drugs; risks and dangers of drugs; drugs and the law; keeping safe; resisting peer pressure; tobacco; and alcohol. A great deal of information provided in this easy to use package. Paperback & CD.

chapter 1|2 pages

Graffiti Wall

chapter 2|2 pages

What is a Drug?

chapter 3|4 pages

Drugs can be ...

chapter 4|2 pages

Drug Word Game

chapter 5|4 pages

Drug Names, Street Names and Nicknames

chapter 6|2 pages

Using drugs – for and against

chapter 7|6 pages

The effects of drugs

chapter 8|2 pages

Risks and dangers

chapter 9|5 pages

Drugs and the law

chapter 10|3 pages

Keeping safe

chapter 11|2 pages

Resisting peer pressure

chapter 12|2 pages


chapter 13|2 pages


chapter 14|12 pages

Individual drug details

chapter 16|3 pages

Design a drug poster