"Beyond Transition" aims to support vulnerable pupils who, despite supportive transition programmes, struggle to adjust to secondary school. They can find the size, structure, procedures and work overwhelming and threatening, and this can culminate in failure and disaffection. This resource provides an easy to use intervention programme which can be used throughout Key Stage 3. It includes: identification and monitoring of vulnerable pupils; a flexible programme with comprehensive facilitator notes and resources; evaluation of pupil progress; and, PowerPoint for staff development. The Survival Skills Programme can be used with individuals or small groups and provides a variety of activities including discussions, tasks, role-play and games that build and develop organisational and social skills. The programme covers the key areas of: friendship; organisational skills; dealing with feelings; problem-solving; and, moving forward. This practical resource offers staff a series of lessons that will help pupils to better understand their secondary environment and how to function more successfully in school. It also offers evidence of supporting and working with vulnerable and at risk groups of children. The publication includes a CD-ROM with all copiable resources and the staff training PowerPoint.

chapter |4 pages


part 1|65 pages

Setting the Scene

part 2|162 pages

The Survival Skills Programme

chapter |7 pages


chapter |9 pages

Introductory Session

chapter 1|30 pages


chapter 2|25 pages

Let’s Get Organised

chapter 3|36 pages

Dealing with Feelings

chapter 4|22 pages


chapter 5|17 pages

Moving Forward

chapter |10 pages

Concluding Session