Sport is commonly used by charities and philanthropic organisations as a way of acquiring donors and fundraisers. In this ground-breaking study, Kyle Bunds examines the nexus of sport, politics and the charity industry through an investigation of water development agencies that raise funds in the developed world to build water systems in the developing world.

Using innovative auto-ethnographic research methods, this book examines the links between water charities, charity running events and water development projects in the UK, USA, Canada and Africa. By exploring the political economy of philanthropy from a critical perspective, it suggests new ways in which to support and improve the relationships between sport, wider society and the environment. Posing important questions about the potential environmental impact of sport on an international level, this study presents a compelling vision of the future of water charities across the globe.

Sport, Politics and the Charity Industry: Running for Water is fascinating reading for all those interested in sport and politics, sports geography, sport and the environment, sports development, or sport and the charity industry.

chapter 1|17 pages

The political economy of water

chapter 2|27 pages

The rise of water charities

chapter 3|19 pages

As volunteer

Understanding participant attachment to water charity

chapter 4|28 pages

As trainee

Running my way to answers?

chapter 5|26 pages

As participant

Organizing aid events

chapter 6|26 pages

As producer

Representing people in need 1

chapter 8|19 pages