Exploring Social Change provides a compelling analysis of theories that explain social change, innovation, social movements, and revolution, and concludes with reflections about how individuals do and should live in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. Written in a personal and clear manner, the authors provide definitions of key terms and analysis of theories and ideas from the study of social change.

The seventh edition includes updated examples reflecting the social changes that have occurred in the world around us, including new discussions on the environmental and social landscapes, as well as updated methods and discussions that reflect that changing field of social change study.

chapter 1|12 pages

By Way of Introduction

part I|55 pages

Explaining Change

chapter 2|30 pages

The Causes and Patterns of Change

chapter 3|23 pages

Social Theory and Social Change

part II|71 pages

Social Change in the United States

chapter 4|17 pages

American Social Trends

chapter 5|23 pages

Change in the Settings of Everyday Life

Populations, Families, and Work

part III|132 pages

Processes of Social Change

chapter 7|28 pages

Social Movements

chapter 9|39 pages


chapter 10|32 pages

Technology, Innovation, and Networks

part IV|102 pages

Global Change

chapter 11|35 pages

The Emerging Global System

Development and Globalization

chapter 12|33 pages

Society, Environment, and Change

chapter 13|28 pages

World Futures

chapter |4 pages


Living in a Rapidly Changing World