Originally published in 1998. This book offers a balanced overview of the issues surrounding boys and education. It looks beyond the often hysterical debate in the popular media to analyse what is happening with boys in the school system and how this can be understood. The authors argue that popular constructions of masculinity affect boys in all parts of their lives: in families, peer groups and work cultures – at home, at school, at work and at leisure. Offering insight into key issues such as literacy, sport, bad behaviour, sexuality, race and ethnicity, and popular culture, this book also looks at programs and approaches to working with boys which have been successful.

part I|255 pages

Boys and tnasculinity: Current debates

part II|206 pages

Boys and contemporary cultures

chapter 3|202 pages

Playing the game

chapter 4|177 pages

Sons and lovers

part III|158 pages

Boys and schooling

chapter 5|149 pages

Masculinity goes to school

chapter 6|119 pages

Masculinity at the margins

chapter 7|97 pages

Bad boys

chapter 8|69 pages

Boys and books

chapter 9|45 pages

Strategies for change