This book, originally published in 1985, examines the development of the car industry in Coventry within both its local context and the wider economic environment. It is a study of expansion and adjustment which reflects the broader pattern of Britain's industrial history. The book analyses the emergence and early dominance of Coventry's motor manufacturers, the appearance of the volume producers in the 1920s and the instability of the post-war era. The relationship between cars and other sectors of the local economy, particularly cycles, machine tools and aircraft, is discussed, while the significance of the two world wars receive special attention. Extensive use is made of original sources material, much of which, prior to publication, had received little or no attention from business historians.


chapter |13 pages


chapter Two|26 pages

Organization and Growth to 1914

chapter Three|14 pages

The Impact of War 1914–1918

chapter Four|30 pages

Between The Wars: Mergers and Mass Production

chapter Six|42 pages

Growth, Stagnation and Merger 1945–68

chapter Seven|35 pages

The End of the Boom

chapter |4 pages