The clash of cultures, coupled with rapid technological advances, seems to be pushing us in paradoxical directions. On the one hand, the world seems to be falling apart; while on the other, the world seems to be converging. Do we have thoughtful leaders to guide us through these uncertain times? As globalization breaks down barriers, global leaders are becoming more visible players on the world stage. From executives of multinational corporations (e.g., high-tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley) to social activists (e.g., Malala Yousafzai), individuals from many different cultural backgrounds and ages are reshaping the way we see global leadership. These global leaders have to contend with a variety of transnational contexts that call for different leadership styles. This book assesses four of these styles – transactional, participatory, transformational, and directive – with representative case studies for each. It provides practical skills that global leaders must master in order to be more effective at the transnational level – cultivating a global mindset; developing intercultural communication; leveraging diversity and inclusion; and managing intercultural conflict.

Global Leadership is valuable reading for educators in undergraduate and graduate leadership programs; practitioners involved in global for-profit and nonprofit organizations; and leadership educators interested in exploring the impact of technology on global leadership. It provides an excellent balance between the study and practice of global leadership.

part I|56 pages

Framing global leadership

chapter 2|21 pages

Defining global leadership

chapter 3|19 pages

Leadership in the new global context

part II|68 pages

Global leadership in action

chapter 4|13 pages

Leading in a non-crisis context

Transactional global leadership

chapter 5|17 pages

Leading in a non-crisis context

Participative global leadership

chapter 6|18 pages

Leading change

Transformational global leadership

chapter 7|18 pages

Leading in a crisis context

Directive global leadership

part III|81 pages

Competencies of a global leader

chapter 8|15 pages

Cultivating a global mindset

chapter 10|15 pages

Leveraging diversity and inclusion

chapter 11|18 pages

Managing intercultural conflict

chapter 12|17 pages

Leading in the new millennium