This book collects Mudde's old and new blog posts, interviews and op-eds on the topic of the US far right, ranging from right-wing populists to neo-Nazi terrorists. The main emphasis of the book is on the two most important far right developments of the 21st century, the Tea Party and Donald Trump. Primarily aimed at a non-academic audience,the book explains terminology, clarifies the key organizations and people and their relationship to (liberal) democracy.

chapter 1|3 pages


The various shades of the US far right

chapter 3|2 pages

The Tea Party paradox

chapter 4|4 pages

Wisconsin’s Sikh massacre

The real danger

chapter 5|4 pages

America’s new revolutionaries

chapter 6|4 pages

America’s election and the Tea Party

chapter 7|4 pages

Is the revolution eating its children?

The Tea Party between AstroTurf and grassroots

chapter 8|4 pages

The Green Scare

Why Islamophobia is the new Red Scare

chapter 10|4 pages

The power of populism?

Not really!

chapter 11|4 pages

Is the GOP a far right party?

chapter 13|6 pages

Donald Trump

The Great White Hope

chapter 16|3 pages

The revenge of the losers of globalization?

Brexit, Trump and globalization

chapter 17|2 pages

Stop using the term “alt-right”!

chapter 19|3 pages

Did Trump really hijack the GOP?

chapter 22|3 pages

Keeping it real in Trump’s America

chapter 23|3 pages

The far right in a Trump world

chapter 24|3 pages

Donald Trump is an American original

chapter 25|6 pages


Normal pathology or pathological normalcy?

chapter 27|4 pages

What’s the matter with America?

Trump and the multidimensionality of politics

chapter 29|3 pages

The politics of nostalgia

chapter 30|3 pages

2016 and the five stages of liberal denial

chapter 31|3 pages

We are thinking about populism wrong

And it’s costing us

chapter 32|6 pages

The Trump presidency

The far right in power?

chapter 33|3 pages

What to read on Trump(ism)