Persian Academic Reading (PAR) is the first textbook for advanced learners of Persian/Farsi who are interested in learning academic Persian. No other textbook teaches skills required to comprehend modern academic Persian.

This textbook includes passages selected from a diverse number of fields including history, philosophy, cultural studies, political sciences, economics, literature, religious studies, and tourism. The book covers the essential reading skills an advanced learner needs to understand texts in humanities and social sciences. Numerous exercises in each unit help learners master many frequent terms and phrases in modern academic Persian. A variety of exercises ensure maximized exposure to current discourses in academic Persian. Each unit offers several optional exercises for learners who would like to practise writing in academic Persian. Unlike many other textbooks, the contents of the book are all authentic passages published in Persian journals. This selection guarantees the reliability and validity of each text. Instead of dealing with fictitious texts by one single author, readers are provided with real texts of different styles and tastes. This textbook comprises fourteen units and can be a serious choice for students of undergraduate and graduate levels with a strong background in modern Persian. It can also help practitioners and professionals interested in Persian to improve their knowledge of academic Persian. This book comes with a comprehensive key to assist learners interested in self-study.

Persian Academic Reading (PAR) is a pioneering textbook in accommodating the reading skills of learners who would like to unlock doors to a plethora of academic texts in Persian.


part |154 pages

به نام آفریدگار مهربان

chapter |4 pages

سخن نخست

chapter |8 pages

درس یک


chapter |8 pages

درس دو

سکونت های آغازین

chapter |8 pages

درس سه

مهاجرت گروهی

chapter |8 pages

درس چهار

زیست شهری

chapter |8 pages

درس پنج


chapter |8 pages

درس شش


chapter |8 pages

درس هفت


chapter |9 pages

درس هشت


chapter |9 pages

درس نه


chapter |10 pages

درس ده

فارسی و عربی

chapter |8 pages

درس یازده

کتاب و هویت

chapter |9 pages

درس دوازده

ادبیات کودکان

chapter |9 pages

درس سیزده

ادیان ابراهیمی

chapter |9 pages

درس چهارده


chapter |29 pages

کلید پیشنهادی