Although many books have been written about Mathematica, very few of them cover the new functionality added to the most recent versions of the program. Mathematica Beyond Mathematics: The Wolfram Language in the Real World introduces the new features using real-world examples, based on the experience of the author as a consultant. In the process, you will also learn more about the Wolfram Language and how you can use it to solve a wide variety of problems. The author raises questions from a wide range of topics and answers them by taking full advantage of Mathematica's latest features. For example; What sources of energy does the world really use? How can we calculate tolerance limits in manufacturing processes? Are our cities getting warmer? Is the novel El Quijote written in Pi? How can we find planets outside our solar system?

chapter 1|44 pages

Getting Started

chapter 2|30 pages

Data Analysis and Manipulation

chapter 6|46 pages

Probability and Statistics

chapter 8|40 pages

Looking at the Sky

chapter 9|24 pages

Nuclei and Radiations

chapter 10|38 pages

Modeling: Applications in Biokinetics

chapter 11|40 pages

Economic and Financial Applications

chapter 12|40 pages

Faster, Further