American Sports is a comprehensive, analytical introduction to the history of American sports from the colonial era to the present. Pamela Grundy and Benjamin Rader outline the complex relationships between sports and class, gender, race, religion, and region in the United States. Building on changes in the previous edition, which expanded the attention paid to women, African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos, this edition adds numerous sidebars that examine subjects such as the Black Sox scandal, the worldwide influence of Jack Johnson, the significance of softball for lesbian athletes, and the influence of the point spread on sports gambling. Insightful, thorough, and highly readable, the new edition of American Sports remains the finest available introduction to the myriad ways in which sports have reinforced or challenged the values and behaviors of Americans, as well as the structure of American society.

chapter 1|16 pages

Sports in Early America

chapter 2|14 pages

The Setting for Nineteenth-Century Sports

chapter 3|13 pages

The Sporting Fraternity and Its Spectacles

chapter 4|14 pages

The Rise of America’s National Game

chapter 5|13 pages

Elite Sports

chapter 6|14 pages

The Rise of Intercollegiate Sports

chapter 7|15 pages

Broader Horizons

chapter 8|13 pages

Sports, Culture, and Nation: 1900–1945

chapter 9|13 pages

The Rise of Organized Youth Sports

chapter 10|16 pages

The Age of Sports Heroes

chapter 11|14 pages

Baseball’s Golden Age

chapter 12|13 pages

The Intercollegiate Football Spectacle

chapter 14|11 pages

Globalizing Sports, Redefining Race

chapter 17|13 pages

College Sports in the Age of Television

chapter 18|15 pages

Racial Revolution

chapter 19|14 pages

Women’s Liberation

chapter 20|13 pages

All Sports All the Time

chapter 21|16 pages

Sports in the Twenty-First Century