Nurturing Strangers focuses on loving nonviolent re-parenting of children in foster care. This book is a jargon-free mix of narrative and real-life case studies, together with the theory and practice of nonviolence. Nurturing Strangers and the authors’ previous book, Welcoming Strangers, are the first books to apply philosophies of nonviolence directly to the care of children in the foster care system. One of their strengths is that the books are not merely theoretical, but rooted in the practice of nonviolence with children for over thirty years. Nurturing Strangers is for foster carers, caseworkers, case managers, social work students, and parents, as well as the general reader interested in children who have been victims of violence in and out of the foster care system.

Acknowledgments; Foreword; Chapter One Revisiting Loving Nonviolent Re-parenting; Chapter Two Nurturing Our Better Angel of Empathy; Chapter Three Nurturing Our Better Angel of Self-Control; Chapter Four Nurturing Our Better Angel of Moral Sense; Chapter Five Nurturing Our Better Angel of Reason; Postscript; Bibliography