The present voluime of translations from the Hebrew of Achad Ha-Am differs in character from the volume of Selected Essays published in 1912 by the Jewish Publication Society of America.

The earlier selection was confined, by the express desire of the publishing Society, to essays dealing with the broader aspects of Judaism and Jewish thought; essays of a more polemical character, in which the author has defined his attitude to the modern Jewish national movement, were designedly omitted. Of the then further essays included in the present selection, only two belong to the former category, and these have been placed, out of their chronological order, at the end. The other eight essays all deal with one aspect or another of Zionism, and they form a series which will enable the English reader who is interested in the Zionist movement to follow its history under the guidance of one who is at the same time among its staunchest pillars and its most unsparing critics.

chapter |24 pages

The Wrong Way (1889)

chapter |7 pages

The First Zionist Congress (1897 1 )

chapter |35 pages

Pinsker and Political Zionism (1902)

(To the memory of Dr, Pinsker, on the tenth anniversary of his death)

chapter |23 pages

The Time has Come (1906 1 )

chapter |6 pages

“When Messiah Comes” (1907)

chapter |10 pages

A Spiritual Centre (1907)

chapter |32 pages

Summa Summarum (1912)

chapter |61 pages

The Supremacy of Reason (1904)

(To the Memory of Maimonides)

chapter |31 pages

Judaism and the Gospels (1910)