The literature since the first edition has been reviewed and material from it has been inserted, with particular emphasis on experimental contributions. Major additions are made in the sections on speech abnormalities, constitutional psychopathic inferiority, behavior effects of epidemic encephalitis, and psychotherapy. The chapters on psychoneuroses now precede those on the psychoses. The revised work consists of 21 chapters and an index; bibliographies are presented in footnotes and at the ends of chapters.

chapter III|17 pages

Memory Abnormalities

chapter IV|18 pages

Distorted Thinking (Paranoia)

chapter V|35 pages

The Psychoses

chapter VII|30 pages

Psychoneuroses (continued): Hysteria

chapter VIII|18 pages

“Shell Shock”

chapter IX|13 pages

Multiple Personality

chapter X|17 pages

Discovering the Complex

chapter XI|26 pages

The Results of Analysis

chapter XII|32 pages

Hypnotism and Suggestibility

chapter XIII|40 pages

Spiritistic Phenomena

chapter XIV|23 pages

Sleep and its Abnormalities

chapter XV|36 pages


chapter XVI|23 pages

Mental Effects of Drugs

chapter XVIII|22 pages

The Historical and Biographical Background