This volume discusses a short history of British Colonial policy. With all its faults the book represents much reading and some thought. In writing what is, to some extent, a history of opinion, it has been impossible altogether to suppress my own individual opinions. I trust, however that I have not seemed to attach importance to them. In dealing with the later periods, I remembered Sir Walter Raleigh's remark on the fate which awaits the treatment of contemporary history; but obscurity may claim its compensations, and atleast I am not conscious of having written under the bias of personal or party prejudice.

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part 1|44 pages

The Period of Beginnings 1497–1650

chapter 1|10 pages

Chapter I

chapter 2|16 pages

Chapter II

chapter 3|16 pages

Chapter III

part 2|224 pages

The Period of Trade Ascendency 1651–1830

chapter 1|10 pages

Chapter I

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Chapter II

chapter 3|28 pages

Chapter III

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Chapter IV

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Chapter V

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Chapter VI

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Chapter VII

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Chapter VIII

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Chapter IX

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Chapter X

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The Period of Systematic Colonization and of the Granting of Responsible Government 1831–1860

chapter 1|22 pages

Chapter I

chapter 3|34 pages

Chapter II

chapter 3|22 pages

Chapter III

part 4|90 pages

The Period of the Zenith And Decline of Laissez-Aller Principles. 1861–1885

chapter 1|15 pages

Chapter I

chapter 2|31 pages

Chapter II

chapter 3|42 pages

Chapter III

part 5|30 pages

The Period of Greater Britain 1886 onwards

chapter 1|28 pages

Chapter V