In the beginning of the time period concerned, we are still in the Middle Ages – Flodden Field or Novara might almost have been fought in the fifteenth century. At the end a formal battle like Nieuport might almost have been fought in the Thirty Years War. This volume is the result of an attempt to sum up the fundamental alterations in the Art of War between 1494 and 1600, and is intended to serve as an outline of military theory and practice between those dates.

part |101 pages

Book I

part II|105 pages

The Great Battles of the Italian Wars, and Their Tactical Meaning

chapter I|10 pages

Fornovo (July 6, 1495)

chapter II|15 pages

Battle of the Garigliano (December 29, 1503)

chapter III|21 pages

Ravenna (April II, 1512)

chapter IV|9 pages

Novara (June 6, 1513)

chapter V|12 pages


chapter VI|14 pages

Bicocca (April, 27, 1522)

part III|74 pages

The Later Years of the Great Wars (1527–59)

part V|143 pages

The Wars of Religion in France (1562–98)

chapter II|14 pages

The Battle of Dreux (December 19, 1562)

chapter III|8 pages

Battle of St. Denis (November 10, 1567)

chapter IV|8 pages

Battle of Jarnac (March 13, 1569)

chapter V|19 pages

Battle of Moncontour (October 3, 1569)

chapter VII|11 pages

The Battle of Coutras (October 20, 1587)

chapter VIII|14 pages

The Battle of Arques (September 21, 1589)

chapter IX|11 pages

Battle of Ivry (March 14, 1590)

chapter X|20 pages

Henry IV and Alexander of Parma 1590–92)

chapter XI|8 pages

Triumph of Henry of Navarre (1593–98)

part VI|68 pages

The Revolt of the Netherlands and the Dutch war of Independence 1568–1609

chapter I|15 pages

General Aspects of the Struggle

chapter II|8 pages

The Campaign of 1568

chapter III|4 pages

Mookerheyde (April 14, 1574)

chapter IV|4 pages

Gemblours (January 31, 1578)

chapter VI|6 pages

Tournhout (January 24, 1597)

chapter VII|19 pages

Nieuport (July 2, 1600)

part VII|166 pages

The Turkish Attack on Christendom (1520–1606)

chapter IV|15 pages

The Siege of Rhodes (1522)

chapter V|17 pages

The Campaign of Mohacs (1526)

chapter VIII|18 pages

Hungary and Africa

Buda, Tunis, and Algiers (1533–47)—Commencement of the Turkish Naval Offensive