The author was first introduced to Persian studies when, as a ‘Student Interpreter’ in the Levant Consular Service, he studied Arabic, Persian and Turkish. He realized the value of Persian thought in any attempt to draw East and West together. This book, first published in 1964, is the product of many years of close and constant contact with many Persian writers and academics.

chapter One|10 pages


chapter Two|12 pages

The ṢŪfi Movement

chapter Three|8 pages

The Way and its Goal

chapter Four|16 pages

The Seven Stages

chapter Five|12 pages

The Mystical States

chapter Six|9 pages

Homesickness (FiráQ)

chapter Seven|7 pages

Lost In God (Faná)

chapter Eight|5 pages

The Vision Of God

chapter Nine|15 pages

Two ṢŪfi Practices