Gramática española: Variación social introduces intermediate to advanced students of Spanish to the main grammatical features of the language in a way that emphasizes the social underpinnings of language.

Written entirely in Spanish, this unique approach to the study of grammar guides students in an examination of how Spanish grammar varies depending on place, social group, and situation. Students examine why some varieties of Spanish are considered prestigious while others are not, drawing on current and historical sociopolitical contexts, all while learning grammatical terminology and how to identify categories and constructions in Spanish.

This is an excellent resource for students at level B1 or higher on the Common European Framework for Languages, and Intermediate High to Advanced High on the ACTFL proficiency scale.

chapter Capítulo 1|24 pages

La lengua como significador social

chapter Capítulo 2|50 pages

Sustantivos, pronombres, preposiciones

chapter Capítulo 3|45 pages


chapter Capítulo 5|10 pages