Originally published in 1974, a wide and interesting set of intellectual abilities in children are examined here. Volume 1 of 4 (Organization of Length and Class Concepts: Empirical Consequences of a Piagetian Formalism) converts an axiomatization of classes and asymmetrical relationships (proper to Piaget’s discipline of Genetic Epistemology) into a model of the development of these notions in children. Here may be one of the only attempts to derive predictive consequences from the more philosophically oriented writings of the Genevan School.

chapter 1|14 pages


chapter 2|8 pages

Grize’s Axiomatization of the Grouping

chapter 3|22 pages

The Length Experiment

chapter 4|12 pages

The Class-Inclusion Experiment

chapter 5|8 pages

The Coordination Rules

chapter 7|14 pages

The Model for Length Tasks

chapter 8|20 pages

Extension of the Model for Length

chapter 10|10 pages

The Model for Class-Inclusion

chapter 12|2 pages

Direction of Further Theoretical Efforts