Originally published in 1937, this book is a practical manual of Kanuri which will be of use to both the layman and the linguist. This analysis makes it clear that kanuri is a tone-language and the author urges the reader to observe the tone-system of the language so that the accidence can be fully understood, as grammatical tone sometimes forms an integral part of it. As this is a practical study, a practical orthography has been chosen - i. e one that uses only letters that are absolutely necessary. This system improved Kanuri orthography, as it was based on scientific principles.

chapter I|2 pages

The Sounds. 1–3

chapter II|5 pages

Tones. 4–15

chapter III|13 pages

Noun. 16–41

chapter IV|5 pages

Adjective. 42–61

chapter V|9 pages

Pronoun. 62–89

chapter VI|91 pages

Verb. 90–228

chapter VII|4 pages

Numerals. 229–239

chapter VIII|12 pages

Adverb. 240-254

chapter IX|1 pages

Postposition. 255

chapter X|1 pages

Preposition. 256

chapter XI|3 pages

Conjunction. 257–266

chapter XII|1 pages

Interjection And Onomatopoetics. 267–268

chapter XIII|1 pages

Additions To The Adjective. 269–271

chapter XIV|17 pages

The Sentence. 272–324